About Us

Research Journal of PNQAHE (ISSN : 2707-9074) focuses research studies relevant to the theory, practice, and policies contributing to the enhancement of quality assurance mechanisms in the higher education. The journal encourages research studies based on quantitative surveys, in-depth interviews and focus group, qualitative research methods. The editor especially welcomes empirical research content, conceptual papers, articles reviews, book reviews and conference papers. The editor encourages papers on (can include but not limited to):

  • Reducing ignorance regarding the quality of higher education and research
  • Supporting the concept of “continuous quality improvement in Higher Education”
  • Sources of inspiration for quality work in HEIs of Pakistan
  • Roles and professionalism of QECs in Pakistani Universities
  • Stakeholder’s involvement in quality management in HEIs
  • Quality enhancement practices using digital tools
  • Emerging trends in Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Employability issues of graduates in the related industry of Pakistan
  • Framework for enhancing cooperation in quality assurance in higher education.

It is important for contributors to refer to the “Guidelines for Authors” before submitting articles.