To strengthen the system of Quality Assurance in Higher Education through filling gap among the Quality Assurance practionners of Higher Education and Stakeholders of Higher Education for the Quality Education provision to bring forward Pakistan in the list of developed countries.

Statements of Purpose

  • To learn and share successful practices, techniques and procedures applied for Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Higher Education Institutes.
  • To organize Conferences on Quality Assurance to provide forum for the Researchers and practionners of Quality Assurance.
  • To communicate and facilitate the members for accomplishments of Targets set by Quality Assurance Agency, Higher Education Commission for the assurance of Quality Education and National Qualifications framework
  • To provide broad spectrum image of Quality Assurance implementation in Universities of Pakistan to the Higher Education Commission Pakistan to facilitate the commission for setting targets and improvement plans of Quality Education for the Public and Private Universities.
  • To elevate the capability and professional skills Quality Assurance managers in quality enhancement and quality assurance.F. TO highlight the successful practices of Pakistani Universities on Quality Assurance at International Level through sharing feedback with the International Agencies.
  • Develop International forum of Quality Assurance through involvement of International members.