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Future-Proofing Quality Assurance in Higher Education


Hosted by PNQAHE

May 16th-18th, 2023, Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education was launched in the 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, December 18-19 2017 organized by Khyber Medical University at Peshawar. In the conference, Quality Enhancement Cell of KMU proposed Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education to provide a platform to QECs of Pakistani HEIs which are established in 184 Universities/HEIs. The proposal was accepted by almost all the participants from national and international HEIs. Therefore all the members of the conference were nominated as full members of PNQAHE and interim committee was constituted for the voting process of executive committee of the network. The executive committee was constituted on September 27, 2018 and nomination of other positions of the board was also finalized on the same day.

The Secteriate of PNQAHE has planned 4th International Conference on  Future-Proof Quality Assurance in Higher Education to be held on May 16th-18th, 2023.


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Feb 1st, 2023

Call for Conference abstract released

Feb 1st, 2023

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April 30th, 2023

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May 16th-18th, 2023

International Conference & Annual General Meeting


Quality Enhancement Practices.

The Sub-Themes are:
  • Quality Assurance Equipped to Adapt to an Increasing Student Body Mobility: recognition of learning outcomes and degrees, credit transfers, internationalisation, cross-cultural education, Qualifications Passport for Refugees and Vulnerable Migrants
  • Quality Assurance Equipped to Adapt to New and Emerging Technologies: Adapting to the use of artificial intelligence in education, Ensuring academic integrity in the digital age, Preserving the fundamental values of higher education in a AI world, LMSs, Cloud solutions, Keeping up with rapidly evolving technology and its impact on teaching and learning, Navigating data privacy and security in a digital landscape
  • Quality Assurance Equipped to Adapt to Diverse Learning Environments: Evaluating the effectiveness of online programs and courses, Ensuring student learning outcomes in the virtual environment, Assessing the impact of hybrid and blended learning models, Challenges and opportunities of online and hybrid learning, Ensuring the validity and reliability of remote and online assessments, Developing effective methods for evaluating non-traditional forms of student learning
  • Quality Assurance Equipped to Adapt to Sustainability in Higher Education: Strategies for Sustainability in Higher Education, Sustainable Teaching and Learning Strategies, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Higher Education Institutions, Researching Sustainability, Sustainable modes of operations for higher education institutions.
  • Quality Assurance Equipped to Adapt to Student Diversity: Managing the increasing volume and complexity of student data, Addressing student mental health and well-being, Ensuring equity and inclusion in the assessment of student learning, Addressing the changing needs of a diverse student population
  • Assurance Assurance Systems and Processes Equipped for Future: Integrating technology into quality assessment processes, Ensuring the transparency and accountability of quality assurance processes, Balancing standardisation and innovation in quality assurance practices, Quality assurance as an enabler of educational concepts and policies, Adapting to changing accreditation standards and regulations


  • Director and Dy. Director and Staff of Quality Enhancement Cell of HEI's
  • Members of Accreditater Council
  • Representatives of Quality Assurance Agencies
  • National and International Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Faculty Members of HEI's


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Professor Dr Zia ul Haq Vice Chancellor KMU



Anca Prisacarlu Anca Prisacarlu holds a PhD in Educational Sciences from the University of Buharest, Romania and was a research fellow with in the Institute of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her Research pre occupations are around the quality assurance of Higher Education, focusing on enhancement-led system and processes.


Bahar Gun Bahar Gun is Assistant Professor, holds PhD degree in ELT following an extensive administrative duty at Anadolu University. She started working at Izmir University of Economics in 2003. She is currently works as the Head of Teacher Development Unit in SFL.


Bassam Al Hamad He is the director of Quality Assurance in Accreditation Center (QAAC) at University of Bahrain. He is key figure when it comes to industrial affairs and engineering. He is the member of the Higher Education Academy and affiliate memeber of the INQAHE. He is also a well respected member of various scientific and Board of Directors of Quality Productivity Center (QPC).


Donald Staub He is Assistant Professor and Director of the School of Foreign Languages at Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, Turkey. He also served for 4 years as a Coordinator of Quality Assurance Unit with in the school of Foreign Languages at ISIK Univeristy Istanbul. He has Doctrate in Educational Leadership from Easter Michigan University (EMU).


QEC, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar Pakistan